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T.X.D92 (D92)
Artist | Student | Other
-Hello! If u just watch/fav my arts just because u want me to watch/visit your profile then...plz don’t. It makes me feel very disappointed about my arts.... I only watch people that I want to watch and actually enjoy my sry for this. U may think that I'm rude or a jerk but this is my opinion okay!? (people may not read this but I’m still put it here) And my arts are shit btw

My other acc :iconmokca: (for me and my ocs)
Tagged by: :iconxpd369: and :iconshatterd-sky:

1. Write the rules in your journal entry if you are tagged.
2. Write 13 things about yourself.
3. Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions. 
4. Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know they are tagged. 
5. Don't say "You're tagged if you read this".
6. It is forbidden not to tag anyone. 
7. No tagging back.


1. This is the most important thing to me  My son XD by D92world (I love him so much <3)
                                                  (plz don't judge me, he's my babie XD)
2. Sometime, I love to be alone.

3. I'm not that happy as people see. (I mean everyone, even in real life)

4. I'm very short. ;w; 

5. I do not fit in with my family or my friends in school, so I'm kinda alone....Nah! I don't care, I have my shark. 

6. I'm not really interested in love.

7. I'm not really care if people hate or don't like me, at least I care about them even when I hate them.

8. I HATE wearing dress!!!! (if I am free to do anything I will burn all of my dress)

9. I'm always feel tired and sleepy. (I wish I could have enough sleep ;w; )

10. I love to be pat. (duh)

11. I'm a animal lover. <3

12. I love yaoi and yuri. (plz don't judge XD)
13. I'm bisexual.....(Idk why XD)

Questions :iconxpd369: :

1. Ever have sleep paralysis?
     -Nope (I think)

2. If so what did you see?
     -I do not remember what am I dream about. ;w;

3. ?sdrawkcab siht daer uoy nac
     -Maybe I can.

4. Boobs or Butt or THICC THIGHS [thicc thighs for me]
     -Hmmmm......Idk XD

5. Who are your favorite artists that inspired you?
     -AfterLog, Mary-Maru, LixDHedgehog,.....too much ;w; (I feel embarrassing if I mentions my senpai, but I still wish they will notice me one day ;w; )

6. Ever heard of Yami Shibai, Cat soup, Hellsing Ultimate? If so tell me what you think about it, If not then check it out
     -. . . . . .Idk what to say. (sry)

7. Have you ever been badly injured? Did it leave a scar?

8. Ya like jazz?

9. Music genres you like?

10. What fandom are you in? or did you leave the fandom?
    -I'm in a lot of fandom. 

11. Dog or Cat?
    -I love both (I'm still fighting with myself about that)

12. What if you find out that you're adopted, what would you do?
    -Escape. (I just want to be with my sharkie ;w; )

13. I like trains-
    -Okay 'v'

Questions :iconshatterd-sky: :

1. Book or movie?
     -Movie (I'm too lazy to read books ;w; )

2. What's you're reaction to being lied to?
     -A little shock but I'm not really care.

3. Do you keep a notebook or journal? I'm counting anything as long as you write in it fairly regularly.

4. What timezone are you in?

5. Digital or traditional?
    -Both but digital. 

6. What's something you like that most people don't?
    -Listening to people sharing their feeling, even we are not friend or best friend. (cause I know how they're feel)

7. Best thing that's happened so faraday?
    -Nothing much.

8.What would you be doing in the purge?

9. Htis si na anagrma sorat. 
    -Idk....I'll pass.

10. What's something you have do handle regularly?
    -Been forgotten by everyone....Nah! I'm used to it!

12. How are you with socializing?

13. You have maybe 24 hours to live, you're invincible and unkillable during this time. What do you do?
    -Enjoy life as much as I can. (I think)

My questions :

1. Do you think I'm a weirdo?
2. How old do you think I am?
3. Do you like shark? 
4. What is your fav animal?
5. Human or chibi?
6. Do you think my art are bad? (cause I think they're really bad)
7. What would you like to buy?
8. Do you want to adopt some babies?
9. What are you usually dream about when you sleep?
10. What do you want to know about me?
11. What are you hate the most?
12. Who is your fav artist?
13. You like to have more comments or more fav?

I tag >:3

:iconjenniferchaulam: (muahahahah >:3)
:iconsoulrath-kivurahk: (sry ;w; )
:iconsouliar-ghoen: (sry ;w; )
:iconkuroandshiro: (sry ;w; )
:iconbeamtheblackpen: (sry ;w; )
:iconkimwooyeon: (sry ;w; )
:iconthienooo: (sry ;w; )
:iconjevi-devilixa: (sry ;w; )
:iconenji369: (sry ;w; )
:iconrepeatedecho: (sry ;w; )
:iconoto-maru: (sry ;w; )
:iconheylon: (I hope u will come back soon and sry for tagging you ;w; )
:icon101points: (sry ;w; )

I'm sry for tag you guys kaomoji set 2 14/67 


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